Top four online casino games

slot casino games

Online casinos are forcibly inclined to enlist hundreds of games under their gaming portfolio whether all these games are generating revenues for them or not, it is a need of the hour where casinos exaggerate their offerings in one way or other. Many casinos lure players with their exclusive big mounting prizes while others just showcase their list of maximum number of games as their high point. No matter how many games an online casino has under its portfolio, it is a fact that only handful of them generates considerable revenues for it, rests are their just showpieces. Take an example of a typical online casino having more than five hundred games under its portfolio, it is hardy a case when a player digs inside its portfolio to search a most unique game, perhaps what is being promoted by casino is the obvious choice for players in most of the cases; hence a player should understand these marketing tricks of online casinos and only target concentrated casino games rather messing with every other casino game. Here is a list of top four casino games that generate more than ninety percent of the revenues for every online casino:



Online slot games have suppressed poker supremacy with their maximum number of variants and exciting gameplay that attracts every player. Moreover, there are tempting prizes which is the USP of slots popularity in contemporary online gambling. You may like slots or not, but they are the biggest revenue generator of today’s online casinos.



Roulette is an all-time favorite classic table based casino game; perhaps it is among the few games which truly reassemble a gambling place, and online casinos have explored this game even more by inputting many interesting add-ons to its classic gameplay. Its brand value and eye catching playing atmosphere makes it the second most revenue generator for online casinos.



It is not fair to call Bingo a casino game, coz it is actually a game which is closed to every socially interactive person; perhaps peoples play it everywhere not just inside a casino; hence its reach is broadest among all casino games coz of its non-casino brand value and a socially interactive family game theme.


Video Poker

Video poker is actually a light version of traditional poker game which is based on five cards drawn poker. It was basically developed to encash the slots success, but it could not beat slots in any way, yet it is among top four casino games in terms of revenues.